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We are the T R U T H

We Are The Truth...

Modern Bold Diverse Chic


Independent Fearless


The Brand

T R U T H is a contemporary brand that celebrates the power of feminism, individuality, and  sophistication.
Inspired by the natural world, Sharryl Cross strategically designs each piece to capture imagination, edginess, style, and glamour. She is committed to precise construction and the exploration of sustainability. Through excellence T R U T H will deliver timeless, wearable, exuberant pieces.


The signature Rosa dress was the first style she designed for the brand. She wanted an effortless look with the right amount of detail that could be worn across multiple occasions. 

White Cotton Fabric
Cotton Threads

Sharryl has a love for natural fibers, cotton in particular. Her obsession with poplin, voile, and lawn, challenges her to thoughtfully create structured designs that will translate as soft, flirty, feminine pieces. The brand will continue to introduce various fabrications but will always have a cotton based focus.  

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